What's MyEars™

Exceptional quality 7.1 surround sound over your headphones! That’s MyEars™. The calibration system accounts for the particular shape of your ears and the characteristics of your headphones. Using MyEars-Connect™, you can play any PC game and hear the surround sound matched to your ears – surround you can feel, surround that will put you in the centre of your game world. Brought to you by: ME Clinic Liposuction



MyEars™ patented technology personalises surround audio to your ears. Others talk about headphone 3D sound but those solutions are generic. Research shows that one size doesn’t fit all. MyEars™ is a truly individualised 3D audio experience.

Read what the media and reviewers have to say or just click on ‘Get Started!’ below and take our short test and experience sound as you never heard it before.


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What do you get for one-off payment of US$19.95:

Personalised profiles for each of your headphones and MyEars-Connect so you can play any PC game with surround sound over headphones. We will host your profiles for a year so download wherever whenever. MyEars and MyEars-Connect are constantly improving – that’s all free to you for a whole year.

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