What is MyEars™

The MyEars™ service is one of Personal Audios products for video games. It enables the superb listening experience produced by NextGen video games and 7.1 sound systems over headphones. This results in a much greater sense of immersion in the games and a competitive advantage for gamers.

The MyEars™ service uses a series of listening tests so that our prediction engine can generate your personalised listening profile. You then download your profile together with the rendering tool MyEars-Connect and these install automatically onto your PC. MyEars-Connect will allow you to play any video-game that outputs surround sound over headphones and use your MyEars audio profile to experience the stunning immersion of this NextGen audio all without the expense and hassle of a speaker based audio system. For 12 months from the data of purchase we will host your profiles in your MyEars account which you can access from any connected PC. This means that you can use your MyEars™ profile where ever you are. It also means that when you upgrade or change your headphones you can come back and recalibrate your listening. During this period you will also get upgrades and enhancement to MyEars Connect and of course the MyEars prediction Engine will continue to improve. Of course we will also keep you informed of other major upgrades such adding more platforms eg Xbox, PS3, iPhone/iPad etc.

MyEars™ connect is our PC solution (other platforms coming soon) to enable perfect surround sound for all legacy games over headphones. Your games will need to support surround sound to take advantage of this option, most NextGen games provide this, check out the games audio option set up panel. If you want to try before you but simply join up, its free, you can create your own individualised audio profiles and download them to you PC and you have 14 days to experience the MyEars difference. Once you are satisfied you can easily come back to your account on the MyEars and purchase your profile for gaming, anywhere, anytime.

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Why Choose MyEars™

Current problems with 3D Audio

Current 3D Audio solutions over headphones for games, music and telecommunications are a poor imitation of the real free field listening experience, as it causes some perceptual issues. These problems include a poor sense of externalisation (sounds that should be heard outside the head are heard inside your head), next time you listen to a game or music over headphones (without MyEars) point to where you think the sounds are coming from, you will see that sound is playing inside your head, now think about your everyday experience, sounds you hear as you move around are happening outside your head.

The other big issue produced by previous 3D audio solutions is not knowing where sounds are coming from, if you see something to your right in a game but the sound is inside your head its confusing and tiring, it slows down your ability to react and may be the difference between life and death.

We also know that we can improve on the sound quality and listener fatigue by individualising your listening profile.

Generic HRTFs

Some of the 3D Audio products that are currently on the market use a generic or a standard set of head-related transfer functions (HRTF) to filter sound over headphones. In these systems, the perceptual quality of the sound depends on the match between the generic HRTFs and the individual listener’s HRTFs. Each person’s ears are slightly different and therefore everyone has different HRTFs, to which their auditory system has become calibrated. As a result, a mismatch between the generic HRTFs and a listener’s actual HRTFs will change the perception of the sound and also cause the sound source to appear in the wrong location. This mismatch can also cause sounds to appear inside the head and it reduces the sense of presence and immersion in the game.

The MyEars™ Advantage

MyEars™ a service that will provide a differentiated listening experience for any particular listener and solves all of the perceptual problems above. MyEars™ enables the compelling listening experience produced by Next Generation video games and 7.1 surround sound systems to be faithfully reproduced over headphones.

Today not many people have a 5.1 surround sound system connected to their games PC and even fewer have a 7.1 surround sound system. The quality of the sound produced by these systems also depends critically on how the speakers are set up in the listening space. MyEars enables a perfect 7.1 surround sound playback over headphones by putting each of the surround sound speakers in precisely right location in the virtual space created over the headphones. Perfect 7.1 matched to your ears.

MyEars™ Technology

With the use of Personal Audio’s patented digital signal processing (DSP), psychophysical and statistical techniques, Personal Audio has developed the MyEars engine that enables the creation of an individual’s audio profile. MyEars  provides a significant improvement in the 3D audio listening experience over current offerings, via the MyEars solution, which enables a stunning listening experience over headphones. We are  raising the bar of 3D audio, in general, for the games industry.

Competitor's Technology

There are many companies that have 3D audio based technology, such as Dolby, Creative, Gen Audio and QSound - most of these competitor companies use generic HRTFs. The use of individualised audio profiles  is the uniquely differentiating feature of Personal Audio’s MyEars.


Personal Audio’s PDF white paper “Individualisation required for high fidelity 3D positional audio”.

Download PDF

System Requirements

  • Windows 7
  • Vista
  • XP
  • Xbox 360 – coming
  • PS 3 – coming
  • Wii – coming
  • OS X – coming

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What is MyEars™?

The MyEars™ service is one of Personal Audio Pty Ltd’s products for video games. It enables the superb listening experience produced by NextGen video games and 7.1sound systems over headphones. This results in a much greater sense of immersion in the games and a significant competitive advantage for gamers.

How does MyEars™ work?

MyEars™ uses a unique calibration system to calculate any given individual’s audio profile, which enables the compelling listening experience produced by NextGen video games and 7.1 surround sound systems to be successfully reproduced over headphones, tailored to each individual’s listening profile.

Can I use MyEars™ without registering?

You can go through the calibration process and hear a demo of what your audio profile would sound like, but to be able to use your profile with games, you need to register with the MyEars™ service.

Which games does MyEars™ work on?

MyEars™Connect™ is Personal Audio's legacy games solution. If you install and set up MyEars™ Connect it will enable you to play any game in perfect 7.1 surround sound. Of course the game will have to have the 7.1 surround sound turned on in the Audio options panel.

MyEars™ will be progressively available as a native option for new games that are designed to take advantage of the MyEars™ solution. We have partnered with one of the premier audio games engines and as their new engine is progressively rolled out in new games they will use MyEars™ out of the box.

How do I use MyEars™ with legacy games?

To use MyEars™ with legacy game you will need to install the MyEars Connect™ software. Once the calibration process is complete, you will be taken through the MyEars™ Connect installation procedure.

What is the MyEars™ calibration process?

The calibration process helps us to understand how your ears filter sound and the unique qualities of your ears. By doing the calibration process, we can tailor your profile specifically to suit your ears only.

Does the type of headphone I use matter?

The MyEars™ system needs to know what type of headphone you are using so we can adjust the profile accordingly. We offer you the option to create and store multiple profiles for each different type of headphones you have, you can also download and install the software as many times and on as many computers as you like while your subscription remains current.

How do I differentiate between
left and right headphones?

Check your headphones – they should be marked with L for Left and R for Right. Alternatively, the cord from the right side of the headphone is traditionally red (red for Right). It is important that your headphones are on correctly, otherwise your audio profile will not be correct.

Why can’t I recalibrate an existing profile?

A profile is created using a combination of your responses and our knowledge of how these responses correspond to your individual hearing profile characteristics. At present we do this as a one off process. In the future we will allow an existing profile to be updated for new headphones.

I’m stuck on a question in the calibration process.
What do I do?

Click on the Help button in the top right hand corner of the screen and Sara will help you and more help text is available.

Mini Tutorials

Learn from the creator of MyEars. Click on the screen and select the episode you want to watch.

Do I have to complete the entire
calibration process in one go?

The calibration process is very short. However, you can save your profile at any time and return to complete it later. Note that you can only save your profile if you have registered with the MyEars™ service.

How do I install a profile on my computer?

After your profile is created, follow the on screen instructions to download the software to your computer. You will then be able to use your profile with the games on your computer.

When are Xbox and iPod platform support coming?

The platform support for both Xbox, PS3 and iPhone/iTouch should be released in mid-late 2011

Why do you use the ��sshh�� sound for the calibration?

In order to get the most accurate response we need to play you a very specific sound, the human ear is very sensitive to changes in location and pitch so we use your natural ability to easily locate a sound to help tune your profile.

Does my game have to support 7.1 or 5.1 for MyEars™ to work?

MyEars™ can only work with the sounds that are produced by the games. To reproduce the compelling sound experience intended by the designers please make sure that the game audio option inside your game is set to 5.1 or 7.1.

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